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Construction Tracking

Using drones for construction tracking has become a means of cutting costs in a variety of ways.  Whether it’s surveying the potential construction site, showing progress to clients, using for inspection, or safety and monitoring, drones have definitely shown their contribution for cutting overall expenses to the construction world.

Site surveying when performed by drones can allow for more accurate estimates and decision making.  Pair that with the diminished cost of extra equipment and contractors associated with gathering this information and the cost effectiveness is obvious.

Progress on job sites is essential for a successful company and presenting this progress to clients is crucial.  Using drones to keep clients informed will cut down, if not eliminate those disruptive surprise visits as well as keep the clients content.

Drones are the perfect means of inspection.  Not only will the inspection be completed faster, but safer.  With all the building codes construction companies must adhere to, drone inspection can be used to ensure all is well and prevent delays, thereby decreasing construction time and costs.

Being invasive gives the ability to observe workers in their natural environment.  Knowing who is pulling their weight or who is not working with the proper protective gear is invaluable, Not only does it save money otherwise spent on more supervisors, it can cut costs associated with injuries and unproductive employees.

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