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Drones are an excellent way to inspect those hard to get to or structurally unstable buildings.  Wear and tear is normal on structures but we sometimes don’t know how extensive the damage can be.  Staying on top of repairs is key to minimizing cost.  Able to get close, drones can provide high definition pictures and video of the complete structure, which allows for a more thorough, complete, in depth analysis. With drone inspections, damage can easily be assessed with no danger to workers and no disruption in business hours.  Not to mention the affordability when compared to hiring extra personnel and equipment to do the job. Drone inspections take less time to complete when compared to traditional methods as well.

Drones are also a great option when it comes to inspecting power lines, roofs, bridges and towers which pose many safety risks. This safer and cheaper alternative allows you to get high definition pictures and video of the entire structure or of certain areas.

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